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Aging In Place

While there are plenty of options for graceful retirement living; many people prefer to enjoy their senior years in their own homes. According to the AARP, older home owners overwhelmingly prefer to age-in-place, which means living in your home safely, independently and comfortably regardless of age or ability level. Marion Tile is experienced in helping customers modify aspects of their home so they can continue to live there as long as possible. Some examples of modifications we assist in include: installation of bathroom grab bars, converting bath tubs into shower stalls, adjusting walk-in curb height to make them easier to walk over and accessable, adjusting countertop height, installation of non-slip flooring, flush thresholds, anti-scald controls on faucets, creation of first floor bedrooms, etc.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss modifying your home to accommodate aging in place. 

Examples of aging-in-place modifications...