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Luxury Vinyl Tile & Linoleum

Today’s Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring is new and improved. As opposed to hard tiles, the soft backing of LVT's offer a felxible surface to stand on. They improvements in LVT consist of newer wood looks, stone looks and even marble looks for a budget friendly quick install. There is vertually no maintenance and has several warranties to cover life situations. Our first quality stain resistant, easy-to-clean urethane finishes, improved durability lines are conveiently showcased in our Showroom. We offer floating floors if that application is what you're looking for as well as glue down. While 12′ wide sheet vinyl is most commonly used for seamless installations, luxury vinyl tiles have been introduced to the market which show realistic replications of stone and wood patterns on the market. 


Linoleum: Linoleum is an all natural floor made from a 140-year-old formula of Linseed Oil, Powdered Cork, and other organic materials. While a natural product like Linoleum requires more maintenance than vinyl flooring, the colors available in this material make it a very fashionable and environmentally friendly choice. For friendly assistance in making the smart choice, come visit our showroom and we will help you find the solution that best fits your needs in looks, performance, and overall functionality.

Some of the brands of Vinyl and Linoleum flooring we carry include these:
            Earthwerks Vinyl Flooring                                  

Luxury Vinyl Tile & Linoleum