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About Us

Founded in 1963 by Phillip and Shirley Marion, Marion Tile & Flooring is a family owned and operated flooring company. Not long after the business was started, Tim was born and he grew up following in his father's footsteps. A true family man, he considers himself very blessed to have worked alongside his parents and wife every day for most of his career. Like Tim, his niece Jessica Marion Middleton took interest in following suit and had a desire to join the family business years ago as well. Jessica manages the showroom offering consultant services and takes care of customer relations.  As a three generational company, the Marion family is proud of their roots and strive to treat their clients with the same point of view in mind. Marion Tile & Flooring not only considers family a blessing, but client relationships are just as important.  As a local business, they sell unique flooring options, provide detailed consultation, offer a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen who handle intricate design installations and tackle projects to the best of their ability. 

A large part of the business is creating bathrooms that allow aging clients to live independently in their own spaces; acknowledging how crucial it is to have handicap-accessible bathrooms for safety and pleasure. With that being said, their craftsmen take pride in creating stunning, state-of-the-art spaces that are as gorgeous to the eye as they are functional.

The Marion’s believe the key to business longevity is engaging with clients to hear their needs and being true to their word; actively involving customers in their projects and completing their projects with exceeding expectations. Whether it’s an intricate kitchen backsplash, an extensive master bath remodel, or simply changing out a room of carpet, all clients receive the same dedicated service Marion Tile & Flooring has proudly provided to the Triad for more than half a century.

About Us

"This company has great service."

— John Locke