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Community Support

Phyllis Marion Middleton lived her life as a beloved teacher and community servant in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina. She was a lifelong member—from baptism to marriage to eulogy—at Pleasant Garden Baptist Church. As a fitting tribute to Phyllis after her passing in 2015, Marion Tile designed, donated, installed, and landscaped a memorial garden at the Church in her memory. At the same time, church service veterans were planning a memorial to honor veterans. Thus, the two plans became one and resulted in The Phyllis Marion Middleton Memorial Garden and Veteran's Memorial.

"The idea for this garden was inspired from the outpouring of love shown to the Marion and Middleton families at the passing of Phyllis," said company President, Tim Marion. "We came up with the idea and acted as project managers to see it through. Now it's something the entire community can enjoy for many years. My dad was here every day for the duration of the project acting as project manager, and church members pitched in along with subcontractors to build
a drainage system, select and plant greenery, and install the pavers.”

The garden found a home in a grassy space between the church sanctuary and its office, that is also prominently forward on the campus for a pleasing view from the street and as you approach. It’s become a space for church activities, including weddings. Pine Hall Brick Georgian Edge Gray and English Edge Rose were selected.

The church provides engraved tribute pavers for donors to the garden. It’s easy to remove pavers one at a time and replace them with engraved brick as tributes are added.


Community Support